Winter in Southern Arizona

It's been a rainy winter here in the desert-mountains.

The mountain streams are full of water.

The dogs and I actually like the rain. We headed out to the ranch to go for a walk.

We hiked down Pantano wash, which passes within a quarter-mile of our house.

The dogs love it, they get to run off their excess energy better than they ever do in the city.

They're well trained. They know how to come when called and stay sitting until I let them up...

...even though there are lots of things to distract them out in the desert.

After sit-stay practice, they're off and running again.



Mojo and me.

Back at the Fike Club, Nadia and senior-citizen Jake were getting ready for lunch.

It was sunny here in town, plus Nadia was tearing up the kitchen in a painting frenzy (see table with cabinet doors, background,) so the lunch-table was laid outdoors.

We have a lovely patio, perfect for dining alfresco.

The menu included a grilled potato, onion, and egg dish, couscous salad with red and yellow peppers, and refried beans.

It's always a joyous occasion for Mojo to be reunited with Nadia, even if they've only been separated 5 minutes.

In the background is the Fike Club, our house that is partially made of plywood and shadecloth.

Nadia was on call -- she's a hard-working woman. Zamboni listens in on the consult, doing her best imitation of a first-year resident.

Here's Mojo hoping to get a chance to inspect the contents of my mouth while I'm eating.

Zamboni, below, and Mojo contemplate winter in Tucson and decide that life is good here.

With dogs like these, Nadia and I have to agree.

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