Our Wedding Album

Your Part -- Family

Sharon turned her attention to the wedding guests.

"I now invite all of you to participate in this sacred ceremony. I address myself first to the families of Nadia and Lee. Will you please stand up."

"You have known Nadia and Lee the longest of all who are here."

"You have loved them, shaped them. You have helped them to grow to be the loving people that they now are."

"You have provided for them and loved them unconditionally."

"You are an integral part of their life, and their marriage. Will you support them and believe in them, will you endeavor to so live that the love they have for each other, the love we all share, and the love we have and receive from our Creator, will continue to live in your hearts? If so, say, "I will.'"

As Sharon had begun speaking, our families rose and stoud proudly, listening to their commission.

I looked around at these people who meant everything to me. My family. Our family. Here with us, today.

"I will," they said.

Nadia and I heard you say it. We believe you. We're counting on you.

We thank you.

And we love you.



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