Our Wedding Album

Ceremony, page 2

Beautiful Ayza gazed at us, immersed in the pageantry of her aunt and uncle's wedding.

Ruby and Sarah contemplate the big step we're taking. We're going to promise to share our lives together, for as long as we have them.

We contemplated our future.....

My mind was already made up, though. "I do!" I said, laughing. I was feeling lighter by the second.

Sharon was unfazed when I unexpectedly grabbed the mike. She knows me well, and was probably half-expecting me to do something like that. Sharon has a magical quality that makes her one of the people I love and admire most in the entire world.

Nadia, as everyone who knows her knows, is my perfect match. She gave some thought to the vows, too. We all waited for her "I do."

"Well?...Do ya?...Punk?" I said, giving her my best Clint Eastwood.

That's an old joke with us, we think it's funny.

Everybody else probably thinks we're dorks.

She consented, of course. Then the service turned to everyone else.



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