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The Preparations

After the wedding breakfast, Yrs. Truly went gallivanting off to sing Verdi's Requiem with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (on my wedding day -- a shocking lack of planning) while the rest of the crew set to, getting everything ready for the wedding.

One of the best achievements, I thought, was the creation of the Revenaugh-Rattlesnake Memorial Badminton Court. My brother Kelly and Marcus made this out of ranch trash they found laying around, like fence panels and feeders, and Nadia and I have been playing on it almost daily ever since. Bonus points if you get the shuttlecock in the feeder; penalty points if you hit it into the cholla.

We got married on our ranch southeast of Tucson. This is the view looking southwest across what we euphemistically call our "pasture."

Ed and his nephew David set up tables, possibly during the Sanctus movement.

These two ravishingly beautiful sisters did a ton of work putting the candles, or luminarias, together.

"MaryLou and Gabriel," sighed Nadia, when we came to this picture amongst the 800 wedding photos we reviewed. "They did so much work for us!" Thanks, you two!

Munawwar kept an eye on the caterers and helped them get set up.

It had been raining all week. I was sure the weather must have run its course. After all, April averages 29 days of sun in this part of the world, and about a tenth of an inch of precipitation. That's for the whole month!

Well, so much for "averages." The rain kept on a'coming, giving the planners and workers ulcers. I, all unawares, was warm and dry in the Tucson Music Hall, singing the Dies Irae when this photo was taken.

Pauline has been a dear friend for about 14 years. I was at her wedding the day she married one of my greatest friends ever, Joe. They've taught me a bit about what the possibility of marriage is, to put it mildly! Here Pauline dries some rainwater from the chair seats right before the wedding.

My brothers worked on the chairs, too, while Grandpa Andy worked on Florie.

Joe made a HUGE contribution, he loaned me his sound system and ran it for me. Joe and I went to college together, figured out computers together, ran a marathon together..... we go waaaaay back.

It came as no surprise to me, when I saw this picture, to see Stella working hard. She probably wasn't surprised to not see me anywhere around when the real work started.

Theresa working on the tables.

These guys were everywhere! They put drinks in the coolers, set up tables and chairs, cleaned the house, did flowers and sound and did everything else required to get the ranch ready for all our guests. When Barry sent me all these pictures he'd taken while I wasn't there, I was embarrassed by how much I'd missed. My family and friends did everything for me, and I just waltzed in to join an already-perfect party.

Small wonder that I was, as one friend put it, so cool on my wedding day. My preparation for the big moment consisted of singing beautiful music for an hour and a half with some of the most talented choral singers in Arizona, something that always puts me in a serene and centered frame of mind. I wasn't stressed out by the thousand details of preparing for a home wedding, because all you wonderful people did it for me. The job you did was perfect. Truly, it is a gift beyond compare. I am so grateful.

This ad hoc committee was making the luminarias. They were beautiful, guys. Thanks, and thanks to everybody who helped create this beautiful party.



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