Our Wedding Album

..and continued...

Maria, Nadia, and Ina. I think Maria is counting off all the ways that I'll make a great husband.

With so many people around, Nadia and I didn't get to hang out together much at our wedding! I guess that's typical. Here we take a moment to confer with each other.

That didn't really matter, though. We were just soooo happy to have our families here with us to celebrate. Nadia's nephew, niece, and sister.

Not to point any fingers, but...... Thanks, Shaheen, for an awesome breakfast!

My sister-in-law Theresa lends grace to any occasion.

My sister-in-law Stella always encourages me when I need it most.

My brother Kelly. I was best man at his wedding, and he signed the papers at mine.

My buddy Barry was the official photographer, but I kept my little camera handy. The arms length self-inclusive group photo, shown here, is my trademark shot.

MaryLou is a dear friend and our unofficial wedding planner. Sadly, we didn't take her advice often enough.

My brother Ed and my nephew David. Two of the funniest people alive.



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