Our Wedding Album

The party continued the next day with the Wedding Breakfast

The next morning, wedding day, Shaheen took us all to breakfast at El Parador. Nadia's brother, Afzaal, and his family had just arrived.

Sarah is Afzaal's other half and is Salman's and Ayza's mom.

Neil and his family were there. Here we see Maria discussing the finer points of a Mexican breakfast with Ben.

My family was there, looking none the worse for wear.

My brothers and I grew up on Mexican food. I'm not sure how they manage to survive, living so far from Tucson. I guess they think the comida Mexicana is tolerable in California and Texas, where they live. Some authorities would disagree.

Neil's mom and dad, Ina and David, with Jenny and MaryLou.

Maria's mom Judy came all the way across the country for our wedding! Judy is widely traveled and is an entertaining companion. She and my brother got into a joke-telling jag that left us breathless.

Nadia's sister Ruby came from Connecticut for our little get-together. She's on the faculty at Yale.

Maria, MaryLou, Ruby, Jenny, Nadia.

Everyone says Barry and I are "golden-tongued." Actually, we just like to have OJ for breakfast.



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