Our Wedding Album

Pictures with Family and Friends

Our minister Sharon has been a dear friend for years. She and I are co-conspirators on this whole notion that Christianity is about love rather than hate, peace rather than war, and justice for all God's children.

Sharon is married to Art, who is a very cool guy.

Sharon and Art helped us plan our ceremony. We all met here at the rooftop restaurant of the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Phoenix during the winter before our wedding to discuss the spiritual aspects of our marriage.

Even earlier in the winter, Nadia and I had our own planning session at the ranch. Here we are in our boardroom (AKA "front yard",) discussing the love that we intend to guide our professional, social, personal, married, and spiritual lives.

So. Back to the wedding.

MaryLou, Lynne, Joey, and Esta are all Nadia's coworkers.

I absolutely love KO! She is a truly remarkable woman, one of the most luminescent people around. We've been close for about 10 years. Having KO for a friend has been for me a gift of the highest order. She's a doctor (internal medicine) in Sedona.

Her husband Mark is a bud, he's a Missourian with a dry wit that would keep any party going. He and KO have a horse ranch on Oak Creek.

Ann has a ranch near Oracle, in the northern foothills of the Catalinas. She's been like a mother to me. She has shared her wisdom and love with me through every heartache I've had for the last 'bout 25 years, and has been one of my main inspirations in life. Thank you, Ann. Words cannot express how much I love you.

Nadia and her brother Afzaal.

The bride and her father.

We've met Barry before in these pages. Barry took most of the photographs you see here. He is, in every respect, a remarkable man. He's family.

3 generations of Rushes. I love Andy like a father. He is a philosopher and a world-renowned artist. Pauline is a perennial favorite -- her style, her wit and intelligence, her capableness, and the profound depths of her spirit put her in a class by herself. And now she and her husband Joe have a daughter, which is indeed good news for the world! Florence is 1 1/2.

Nadia and her mother.



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