Our Wedding Album

Your Part -- Friends

Sharon spoke again. "And now I would ask the friends of Nadia and Lee to stand."

Everyone stood. "You are all here because you and Lee and Nadia share the bond of friendship. Nothing is more important to Lee and Nadia than their friends; your presence here is a gift that they will never forget. Will you do all in your power to support them in their life together? Will you hold the love that they have for each other, the love that we all have for our families, for our friends, and for our world, in your hearts? If so, say, "We will."

"WE WILL," came the reply.

Over a hundred people came to our wedding. You drove waaay out in the desert to see us, you sat in the rain and the cold, to help us celebrate. We appreciate and love every one of you.

So then Sharon said, basically, "I now pronounce you husband and wife."

And everyone started applauding! You guys are the best!

Right back at ya!

Joe cued up our recessional music -- Get This Party Started, by Pink -- and I pointed out the way to our future for Nadia.

Actually, I'm pointing out dinner to all of our celebrants. I should have pointed out the drink selection first, I suppose, but with a smart bunch like this, I knew you'd ferret out the adult beverage of your choice.

Everybody whipped out their cameras and started taking pictures

People started drifting out to the pasture to get some food.

Charming, wise people who didn't know each other before met here in the rainy desert, drawn together by their common connection with Nadia and me.

Nadia and I were anxious to join them, but we had some paperwork to do first. I asked my brother to help us.



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