Our Wedding Album

Who knew these two would ever get hitched? Much less to each other?!

Nadia and I got married! Yippee! But this picture isn't really from our wedding. It's from our pre-honeymoon. We're actually on the roof of the Continental Hotel in Saigon, Vietnam, in this photo. But that's a whole 'nother story.

Marcus and Chrissy came all the way from Oregon for the shindig. We hung out a bit the day before the wedding, and I showed their son Miles my new guitar.

Miles was more interested in Mom's keyring, though. I admit, I'm a bit out of practice.

Marcus is an incredible horse vet and guitarist and Chrissy is a registered nurse and a world-class equestrian, and they've been excellent friends for years. I truly love these guys.

You've got some pretty amazing parents, Miles. Congratulations!

The night before the wedding, our friends Maria and Neil hosted an awesome wedding party/barbecue for our families, including my nephew David, a college student from California. That's Neil working the grill in the background.

Jenny is Maria's sister and Arnie is her dad. Neil and Maria are Nadia's best friends, and I can see why. They are brilliant, generous, funny, warm, and fun to be around.

I'm lucky to be friends with them now, too. Who knew marriage had this kind of side benefit?!

Neil and Maria have two boys. This is Neil and Ben, who's four. Ben likes to play all kinds of games.

Max is their older boy. He's six and is a talented musician and athlete. He's a snappy dresser, too, taking after his honorary uncle Lee.

Barry, like everyone on this page, is family. He's been a pal for quite a few decades now. He's an architect and a photographer, and he took a lot of the photos on these pages. You can tell the ones he took; they're in focus.

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