Veracruz, Mexico



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We took in the frieze in front of the Petroleum building.

Statuary on the other side of the building.

As a former cowboy, I've retrieved my rope from some unlikely places, but this is a new one.

I didn't see any vaqueros around, so I couldn't ask. Must be a mythic thing.

We stopped in at the Fototeca building.

Judging from this old photograph in a stairwell at Fototeca, the beaches around Veracruz used to be clean enough for swimming.

I imagine that was before the oil industry became king.

Fototeca is an arts center in a restored colonial palace, just off the plaza.

We hiked north, crossing through the seemingly endless industrial heart of the Port of Veracruz

This is typical of some of the garden spots I end up dragging my never-complaining bride through on our ramblings.

We eventually found the beach, but nobody was swimming.

It's beautiful, but the water's a little too polluted for comfort.



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