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This page is dedicated to all the amazing technicians Iíve worked with in my life. Iím sorry I donít have pictures of you all, but hereís a few I do have.

But first, have a peek at the group on the right. This is my family when I (front, far left) was about 6 years old. Take a close look at the crew that I grew up with, and I think youíll understand me a little more. How would you have liked to grow up with that pair of brutes that I call my older brothers?! Look at me, I'm crying already, and, as most of you know, I haven't stopped yet.

Michelle is the first technician I worked with in practice, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Michelle put up with more from me than any of you. You can see that I kept her a little stressed. She taught me a lot, though, and I'll always appreciate the good work she did.

Allison and I worked together for about 8 years, and I think she's my favorite work-partner ever. Al has forgotten more about veterinary technology than most of us ever knew. She is, quite simply, amazing. My biggest regret in my career is that we don't work together anymore. Al, you're everything!

Here, Allison tries once again, with her usual patience, to explain some perfectly obvious thing to me. She had to do that a lot. Below, Dee and Allison show Brownie, one of our blood donors, how to smile for the camera.

Rudy worked with me and Allison for about 4 years. He has a great way with animals, and is a joy to be around.

Vince worked with me and Al for about 4 years, too, after Rudy left. Vince is a rare human being, he has great empathy for animals, does a great job, and still has fun doing it. Vince and I were neighbors as well as coworkers, and had lots of great times together.

DeeAnne DeMonaco is a technician and a receptionist. She was instrumental, along with Allison and me, in turning the practice around when it was having a bad time. She should lecture nationally on how to be a receptionist, she's that good.

Jerry Wagner single-handedly changed my mind forever about volunteers. Jerry came to volunteer at Wiseman when he was an undergrad at the University of Arizona, at a time when we'd all but given up on volunteers. He learned how to be an ace tech in about 6 months, and was an invaluable part of the staff at Wiseman. He's also a good friend of mine. Jerry and I went to Mexico a couple of times to help out at the Humane Society of San Carlos, in Sonora state.

Gail worked with me at an emergency clinic, and, like me, is a big advocate of pain control in animals. Gail has a huge heart.

Aimee is a receptionist more than a tech, but she's one of the nicest people I know, and was a favorite with the staff as well as the clients. I think she actually held an animal once, too, so she has a right to be here in this pantheon of great techs.

You might be thinking that these are beauty-contest winners dressed up as techs, but you'd be wrong. LaLania and I worked together at the e-clinic for about 6 months, which wasn't nearly long enough. LaLania is a top tech, as well as a nationally recognized expert on some types of monitor lizards.

Barbara is one of my favorite people. She has the best attitude about work and about life. She always brightened my day when I worked with her.

Cory's a tech who is going to be a vet someday. She has a rare sense of humor and style that make her a natural leader. Here she's watching Gail clean a dog's teeth. Like me, she feels the best way to learn something is to watch the real pros in action.

Peter only worked at the emergency clinic a short time after I got there before going on to another practice. I would have liked to work with him longer, he had a lot to teach me. Peter is a charmer, a great tech, and is active in the community.

Amanda is another tech at the e-clinic. We had a good rapport, and she contributed a lot to a very busy and high-stress clinic. When last seen, she was heading to a practice in Colorado.

Well, in sum, I want to thank you all. You are an amazing group of professionals, and I owe you all a big debt of gratitude. Youíve taught me a lot, about animals, about people and relationships, and about life. You guys have raised me from an immature baby to .... well, whatever I am now. Thanks!

Tina, an American Paint mare belonging to Dr. Treat, and her ~7 day old foal Rosie. At Dr. Treat's ranch near Tanque Verde Creek, Arizona.

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