Veterinary Hospital photos

Stephanie the receptionist demonstrates how NOT to restrain a cat.

Two technicians begin clipping the matted fur off a geriatric cat with a maggot infestation in and on his perineum

View of the perineum.

Closeup of the affected area. It's hard to see the maggots in this view -- they're the little out-of-focus white blotches -- but the infected, erythematous skin is pretty clear. The maggots were invading all around the rectum and external genitalia.

Well, OK, these photos aren't that great. Here's some more pictures of what I've been doing at work lately.

One of my colleagues got to do a C section on a mastiff. This practice has a nice computerized anesthetic monitoring unit that continuously measures blood pressure, ECG, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), and core temperature.

She only had these two puppies, both of whom survived. Such a small litter for a mastiff may explain why the C section was required. These two puppies discovered America about 15 minutes before this photo was taken.

One of the goals of anesthesia for mothers undergoing cesarean sections is a rapid post-operative recovery, so as to allow the newborns to begin nursing as soon as possible. This photo was taken less than an hour after birth.

The same people came in on my shift a few weeks later with another mastiff in dystocia. My team and I performed a C section on her and delivered 17 puppies!

Again, all the puppies survived.

17 hungry newborns, 10 mammary glands. This was obviously going to be a problem. The owners explained to me that they planned to divide all 19 puppies into 2 groups, and alternate moms every 4 hours. They hoped to get enough colostrum into the new group that way, while keeping everybody fed. It takes a village...

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