Vernazza and surrounding areas

The town was cool, but we were also there to do some hiking in the surrounding mountains.

There's a path that goes along the sea and connects all the towns of the Cinque Terra, as well as an haute route that goes along the crests of the Apuans, about 800 meters high. We did them both.

Click on the map for a larger version of the same map.

Art is everywhere in Italy, even out in the country. Here's some farmer's idea of the way to build a wall between his vineyard and the footpath.

There were other little medieval fortress-towns in the hills we hiked through.

They were all surrounded by hand-terraced vineyards that had been worked for hundreds of years. They still produce excellent wines in this region..

We came out of the hills at the town of Corniglia, just down the coast from Vernazza.

Nadia on the trail from Corniglia to Vernazza.

We took one last swim in the sea and then we caught the train in Manarola and left the Cinque Terre. We had an appointment with a very long road in Tuscany.



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