Sienna and Tuscany

Our first stop in Tuscany was Sienna.

It's a beautiful place, but we only spent a day there before heading out to walk the Tuscan hills.

We started walking in Certaldo, and were soon immersed in the grape-growing heart of Italy.

For 3 days we walked from town to town, the way people have been traveling in these hills for thousands of years. The road went right through this little borgo, or hamlet.

The first day our goal was to reach the town of San Gimignano. We approached the town slowly, like travelers of old, walking on dirt roads through the vineyards and olive trees.

As we got closer, we could see the medieval towers of the town. These were built about 500 years ago as a way of establishing the dominance of this town over all the region.

The next day, we explored San Gimignano in the morning, then we set out for San Donato.

For a couple of miles our route took us through a forest on a single-track path. Deep in these woods was the ancient castle of Castelvecchio, originally built in the 2nd century A.D. It was maintained for centuries and finally let go to ruins in the 1500's.



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