Nadia and I both have the habit of taking lots of pictures of our dogs.

My old dog Aussie and me in Santa Fe, sitting beside the Santa Fe River, in the mid 90's.

Aussie was my dog for 14 years. I loved her with all my heart. She loved me with all of hers, too.

Except when I gave her a bath. She once went swimming with ice floes in the Poudre river in northern Colorado, but she never got the hang of enjoying a bath in the tub.

Beatty was my dog for 8 years. She and Aussie were "sisters" and were ambassadors of dog ownership. They were so good that at least one of my best friends completely changed his mind about dogs after being around them and got some dogs for himself.

Mojo's one of our dogs now. He's 1. He's the anti-ambassador of dogdom. Hanging out with him would convince anybody not to own a dog. Especially when he first comes in from the yard.

But seriously. He's a great dog, just full of energy. It was hard to get him to sit still long enough to take his portrait. Here's a couple of early attempts.

Mojo has his own kind of fun with the photographer.

Jake's our other dog. He's about 12. He's the same kind of dog Beatty was, a Black and Tan.

Like me, Jake's a sleepy-head in the morning and looks funny when he first wakes up.

Some veterinarian made Jake and Gypsy wear these special collars for a while. Gypsy was our other dog. We were greatly saddened when she died recently. She's got her own website.

Jake was born in Pittsburgh in 1991.

Mojo looks like a ghost in this slow-shutter-speed shot.

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