San Josť

Here it is, gents. Our house. Look familiar? I hope? They've added heavy security bars, which is common all over the central valley..

For visitors, this is the house (I think) that I lived in with my family here in San Josť when I was 5 through 7 years old. We lived here for a year and a half..

The view down the street in front of our house, the site, I believe, of Kelly's and my famous bike ride that ended in unconsciousness, blood, and an early Spanish lesson from the concerned lookers-on.

This is the front view of El Redentor church, where my dad preached. Well, it's kind of an oblique view, really. The buses park in front of the church now, on Avenida Central, just east of the pedestrian mall downtown, making it hard to get a good front view.

The church was locked up when I got there, but I hollered and a boy stuck his head around the corner. I explained the situation and asked him if I could come in. He went and got somebody, a woman named Elizabeth, who turned out to be the administrative assistant for the Bishop of all the United Methodist Churches in Costa Rica. She took the time to give me thorough tour.

The sanctuary. Elizabeth said that very little had changed in the last 40 years. She went to this same church around the time I did, who knows, maybe she was one of the girls I used to chase.

Altar. And choir practice

One of the upstairs classrooms.

The other upstairs classroom.

The stairs from the upper landing. I had a hard time remembering the church, since I was so young when we lived here. I include this picture since it's kind of an interesting architectural design. Perhaps this will jog the memories of my older brothers.

This may be the only part that's changed; this is the passage back to the kindergarten rooms. The building on the left is relatively new.

Ojo de Agua, a water park near San Josť

Water comes out of this hole to go over the waterfalls, above, and thence into a series of swimming pools.

In the foreground is a lake that drains the water from the pools. At the far end of the lake, the water flows out into a small creek.

Main pool and diving boards.

I'm sneaking a couple more photos in here. This is the bathroom in the vet school. I get a kick out of graffiti in places where clever people hang out.

A closeup of the sign.

Here's a view of the pedestrian mall along Avenida Central in San Jose. It also shows a startling new development in lady's fashions; the debut of pants that actually have an LED display of the date across the back.

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