The Colorado Plateau

Pariah Canyon, page 2

The canyon floor started getting wetter as we got closer to where it turned into a narrow slot.

Slot canyon.

Dr. Johnson has been quoted as saying, "Music is the only sensual pleasure without vice." Nadia thought we should add hiking in Pariah Canyon to that list.

The steep walls of the canyon make escape, should the need arise, difficult. Nadia chose this moment to begin a discussion of the dangers of hiking in such a place during the rainy season. The area is prone to flash floods, and getting caught in one while trapped between these walls could have a fatal outcome.

The slot canyon goes on for a quite a few miles, all the way to the Grand Canyon. By the time we were about a mile into the steepest part, though, the clouds were starting to pile up faster. We decided that prudence would be the better part of valor, and turned around.

They have cool solar toilets at the trailhead.

We said goodbye to Pariah Canyon and headed for our next stop in our circum-Grand Canyon tour -- the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado.



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