The Colorado Plateau

Pariah Canyon

After spending the night in Kanab, Utah and having dinner at the beautiful Rocking V Cafe (the place to eat in that town -- epicures, prepare yourselves), we headed east across the southern Utah.

The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument comprises 1.7 million acres of some of the "most spectacular and sublime wildlands" anywhere, according to the Grand Canyon Trust website. It was signed into existence by President Bill Clinton in 1996.

Mr. Clinton, you are the Man.

The Pariah Canyon trailhead is easy to find, just off the highway between Kanab and Page, Arizona.

It starts off as a broad desert wash, turning into a slot canyon about 4 miles down from the parking lot.

At one point the canyon walls were honeycombed with shallow caves.

"As long as they're shady," is Nadia's philosophy.

We didn't see all that much wildlife in Pariah. This guy was about as wild as it got.

His big claim to fame seems to be his tail and his rear pinky toes.

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