The Colorado Plateau

Zion Canyon

We spent that night in Vegas with Barry, and the next day we were off to Zion Canyon.

This is I-15 where it goes through the Virgin River gorge on the way to Utah.

Approaching Zion Canyon National Park.

By the time we got to Zion Canyon, it was late afternoon, not enough time for any major hikes.

This is the nice paved hiking and wheelchair trail that goes along the bottom of the canyon from the Visitor Center.

Zion's one of my favorite places.

A footbridge over the Virgin River.

The Virgin River, which originally formed and now gives life to Zion Canyon.

We took a short hike up the canyon in the evening, stopping here for stone-skipping practice.

My Texas roots still show through once in a while.

The canyon is still being formed by erosion, as shown here.

We packed it in for the night and went back the next day to see more.

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