The Colorado Plateau

In and around the Grand Canyon

The next day we headed over to the Grand Canyon, only an hour or 2 away by car.

Like so many Arizona natives, I hadn't seen much of the Grand Canyon.

We headed down the South Kaibab Trail, a popular route for the mule-riding set.

There is a bit of a dropoff on these trails. When these riders rest their mules, they do so facing the abyss, so if the creatures shy at something and back up they won't go over the edge.

After seeing this, I made my wife rest while watching the abyss, too.

We decided to hike down about halfway to the river, 3 miles, to Skeleton Point.

We were lucky that it was overcast -- it never got too hot.

Skeleton Point was at the end of an inner-canyon plateau.

The trail continued on down to the Colorado River in a steep series of switchbacks.

Nadia and Skeleton Point with the river below.

We loved hiking in the canyon. We decided then and there to come back soon and walk all the way down to the river.

The view from the top of the South Kaibab Trail.

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