Colorado Plateau

Grand Canyon, revisited, page 3.

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We crossed the upper bridge back to the south side and went into the mountain.

This is the bridge the mules cross, a fact I found remarkable. I would think entering this black hole might put some of them off, and a narrow bridge high above a river seems like a poor place to be sitting on a mule that's pitching a bitch.

It wasn't a very long tunnel, though. I guess the mules figured it out before they killed anybody important.

The delta of Bright Angel Creek as it enters the Colorado River from the north (not to be confused with Garden Creek, which flows alongside much of Bright Angel Trail, which enters the canyon from the south.

Confused? We were, too.

The South Kaibab Trail climbs steeply out of the canyon, so the rest of the day was a bit of a hump.

Looking down at the river from Skeleton Point. After we got here, we were on the same route we'd been on a month earlier....

... except that time we hadn't been caught in a thunderstorm. A curtain of misty rain blew in over the canyon.

It was a spectacular storm.



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