Colorado Plateau

Grand Canyon, revisited, page 2.

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The Bright Angel Trail continues on beside Garden Creek for a while, thick with vegetation...

... then it leaves the creek and goes through some dry country.

A rock formation called Zoroaster's Temple, which looked faintly like Baboquivari Peak, was on the upriver skyline most of the day.

The trail hit the creek again right before arriving at the Colorado River.

We dipped our toes in the river, which was both cold and fast.

Our plan was to hike upriver 2 miles to the South Kaibab Trail and take that trail back to the top.

Rafters stopping for lunch.

There are two foot bridges that cross the Colorado in the canyon. This is the downstream one.

(One reader wrote, "'Two foot bridges'? You gotta be kidding me! That thing's 80 yards if it's an inch.")

We crossed the bridge to the north side of the river, where Phantom Ranch is.

Nadia, the second bridge, and day-hikers from Phantom Ranch.

Anasazi ruins beside the river.

The second (upstream) bridge goes directly into the mountain on the south side.



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