The Colorado Plateau

Climbing Mt Humphreys, continued from previous page

It was a lovely sunny day in the forest

As we got higher, though, we started to hear some thunder.

Nadia surveyed the scene from a little saddle and didn't think the weather looked too bad.

Weather changes fast in the mountains, though. It wasn't long before the thunderstorms were starting to close in on us.

We were feeling goal-oriented, so we kept going to the top.

Here we are on the peak. The black ammo box is the peak registry. We wrote our names and comments and then prepared to get the heck out of there. Mountaintops are dangerous places to be during lightning storms.

Lightning was crashing all around us, but Nadia showed no fear.

I was cowering, taking pictures, while she exulted in nature's wildness.

She's brave but not stupid. When it started snowing (in August! in Arizona!), we both put on our fleeces and agreed it was time to bug out.

The thunder- and snow-storm stayed right on top of us all the way down.

Here I stop for one last photo in the bristlecone pine section of the mountain.



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