The Colorado Plateau

A summer trip to Humphreys Peak, the Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Pariah Canyon, and the San Juan Range of the Rockies in Southwest Colorado.

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Nadia and I stayed semi-local for our summer vacation in 2004.

Here Nadia takes a picture of Humphreys Peak out the car window

Humphreys is near Flagstaff and is the tallest mountain in Arizona, 12,633 feet.

This is the road that goes up to the ski area.

There is a hiking trail that goes up to the summit.

They had this spiffy signboard at the trailhead with lots of information about the area.

You can ride the chair lift up to above 11,000 feet and start the hike there. Nadia and I started at the trailhead, about 9,300 feet.

Click on the picture of the map to see an enlarged and expanded version of it.

The Red Rocket was feeling a little lonely in the parking lot -- we imagined any other hikers must have been smart enough to take the ski lift up most of the way.

Looking out across Hart's Prarie at the base of the mountain.

Nadia wrote us in the register and we were off.



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