Baja California

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Next day we hopped on a bus.

Seems like every country except our own uses these nice tour buses with TVs and movies for the regular routes.


In an hour we were approaching the famous harbor and arches of Cabo San Lucas.

We hiked down Avenida Hidalgo from the bus station and came upon this charming streetside cafe. The entire kitchen was right there in the dining area.

Nadia poses by the range.

The special was soup and rice, a particularly beautiful meal. Lots of water in the soup, purified by the stove, to hydrate the thirsty walkers, and rich in vegetables, with a hunk of meat on bone down in the middle.

Cheap, nutritious, delicious, and simple -- just the way we like it.

I promised Miguel, the proprietor, that I'd put his restaurant on the world wide web.

Thanks, Miguel! Doņa Lolita's Cafe was our favorite restaurant in Baja.

Nadia and I, amateur gardeners, got bougainvillea envy walking around Cabo San Lucas.

We stopped to photograph this specimen, a few blocks down Hidalgo from Doņa Lolita's, and then looked to see what was behind the wall.

We were enchanted by this peaceful courtyard with built-in seats. Shortly the dueņa saw us and told us this was the Hotel Los Milagros and offered us a room.

Serendipity. We accepted, of course.

Just two blocks away from the quiet of Los Milagros was the heart of glitzy Cabo San Lucas. Avenida Lazaro Cardenas was lit up and lined with expensive jewelry shops and upscale boutiques.

One block further was the marina -- wall-to-wall glam restaurants, the heart of the Cabo party scene.

It's not really who Nadia and I are, but we can play that role.



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