Baja California

Fools in paradise.

The next morning we headed for the ocean again, mask, snorkel, and fins in hand.

We took a scenic detour through the San Josť estuary, full of wading birds and grazing cattle.

We left the road to wander through this grove of free-growing mango trees.

For fans of that sweetest and most delicate of fruits, this was nirvana.

We followed bulldozer tracks out the other side of the mangoes and into this swamp, filled with skanky, chest high water and thickly growing, partially burned bamboo and palm trees.

It was a bit of a chore. By the time we realized we were in over our heads, it looked like it would be easier to keep going for the dunes than it would be turn around.

This is looking back at it from the beach, after emerging. I was too busy trying to save myself to get any pictures of it while we were in it.

We emerged onto this pristine beach and washed our blackened clothes in the sea.

Kudos for the Kodak digital -- it was completely submerged in funky swamp water for a half-hour and came out still working.

The estuary was rich with birdlife.



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