Notes from the Backpacker Trail -- Nha Trang

We took a taxi to Danang and caught the train south to Nha Trang. We'd heard it had some of the best beaches in Vietnam.

The first class carriage on the Reunification Express.

The scenery from the train had a serene, pastoral beauty. It was rice-harvest time on the coast.

Harvesting the rice.

It was an all-day train, making lots of stops at small stations along the way.

There were markets in the stations, selling all kinds of food and drinks. This lady had an enticing stack of mangoes, Nadia's favorite fruit.

The town of Nha Trang was bustling and offered up a commercial center much like other Vietnamese cities. Heap-O-motorbikes.

Lots of bicycles, too.

Our hotel was on this street. We had a 6th floor walk-up room with a TV and a cable movie channel in English. It was time to relax on the beach, hang out in our hotel and watch movies.

We didn't just sit in our hotel room ordering pizzas from across the street and watching the all day series of Kim Basinger movies (My Stepmother is an Alien!) (and the next day it was a Parker Posey Marathon!)

We also got out and saw some of the town. This was a videogame arcade. The lay-out of the place gave it a distinctly Vietnamese flair, but the hypnotized faces of the teenagers looked very familiar.

We were transfixed by this mob scene of parents all picking up their kids from school at once. On their motorbikes.

In Nha Trang the sidewalks had these little ramps to help people get their motorbikes up on sidewalk to park them.

We rode our bikes down to the villa of the Bao Dai, Vietnam's last emperor. Nadia picked a jasmine flower.

Nha Trang has a large Gothic cathedral, built early in the last century.

The cathedral is surrounded by a lovely flagstoned meditation garden.



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