Thanksgiving in Cornville

KO and Johnna... hope I'm spelling that right, Johnna!

A bunch of us got together at K.O.'s and Mark's house for Thanksgiving. That's K.O. on the left, with Johnna

Mark and Lee

That's Mark on the left, along with your humble correspondant. Mark and KO have been married a little longer than I've known them, and are the greatest hosts in the world.

Lenore and Johnny

KO's aunt Johnnie, on the right, along with Johnna's mom Lenore.

Lee and Pat

KO's and Mark's neighbor Pat. Pat's a good friend of mine, he just doesn't like anybody crowding him that much. But I do it anyway.


Pat's one of the funniest people in all of Cornville. Seriously.

Mark's Mom and her husband Jim W

Mark's mom and her husband, Jim W.

Johnna and Jim W

Jim W brought along his own unique brand of Missouri cattleman humor. Johnna appreciates humor of any stripe.

Mike and Val

Mike and Val

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