Page 9 -- Back in Ronda town for the evening.

The SmartCar, made by Daimler-Chrysler, is common in Europe these days.

And they're way easy to park.

We gave up on Spanish food and had dinner at this Chinese place.


After dinner we wandered along the top of the gorge that separates the town into its two parts.

A little ways upstream from the Puente Neuvo is this, the Puente Viejo, the "Old Bridge," built in 1616.

The Arabic Gate, the old entrance to the Muslim town.

Like the other hill towns we'd seen, ancient Ronda was built as a fortress, surrounded by this wall.

Wars make great history; it's too bad we don't learn from them and figure out a way to keep them there.

"Hey, War: You're history!"

Nice name for a hair salon -- "Rash."

We'd picked our hotel in Ronda, the Hotel Morales, partly because we'd heard they had lots of information on hiking in the region.

That proved true when we met Juan, one of the front desk clerks. Juan loaned us maps, a guidebook, and drew some of his favorite routes by hand.

Thanks for the help, Juan!



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