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Seeing all of Spain in 2 weeks means you gotta keep moving.

The train station in Seville.

A two-millennia-old aqueduct in the middle of the street. Spain's just like that.

In moorish architecture, the inner courtyard is the center of family life, secluded and yet outdoors, a garden, a piece of nature just for the family. This architectural style spread throughout the Spanish-speaking world, from Seville to Santa Fe to Guadalajara.

The Seville cathedral was truly sublime.

The bell tower of the cathedral, originally built as the minaret of the mosque that once stood here.

One ascends to the top of the Giralda bell tower by going up a series of 43 ramps. It was made this way hundreds of years ago so that guards could ride their horses up to the top, which tells you something about the people back then...

They had small, brave horses.

The view from the top was impressive. Looking southeast we see the Alcázar, the castle built by the Muslims beginning in the year 913.

Seville town from the tower, looking north.

The cathedral and Giralda tower at night.



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