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The next day we set out to hike around Toledo. This is an old foot- and horse-bridge over the Tajo River.

Vogueing under the bridge.

Toledo is a fortress, surrounded by the Tajo ("Gorge") River on three sides and built on steep cliffs with a wall around it.

We took the small dirt foot-trail that wound between the river and the city.

A little farther on the trail was less wild.

Graffiti, Toledo style.

"For my heart, your breast is enough
For my freedom, your wings are enough
Only your passion for my desire
Only your voice for my words."

"I dream... my happiness
to see your eyes every day
I believe... your love
the only thing that will give me warmth
I want... your life, the only thing I want for my own.

Nice poetry. It sounds nice in Spanish, I think, but did they have to spray paint it on the walls that surround the old Roman baths?



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