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The next morning we packed up and headed for the train station, passing through the stately gardens of Buen Retiro.

Very civilized.

Naturally, we had to see the Prado

The new entrance to the train station.

We got our tickets to Toledo and got on the train.

The train tracks to Toledo were under repair, so we left the train here at Aranjuez and took a bus the rest of the way.

As in Madrid, our Toledo hotel had a beautiful balcony. This would turn out to be a trend in Spain.

Toledo had a super cathedral.

Unfortunately, they don't allow pictures to be taken inside it.

Here's a bit of the outside of it.

It wasn't easy to get a view of it from most of the town, the streets are narrow and winding.

The back gallery of the cathedral opened onto the inner courtyard.

The inside of the cathedral was awe-inspiring, tall gothic arches, tons of statues and gold and marble. As I said, they didn't allow photos, so, just this once, you can visit another webpage. Click on the photo at left to go to the Archdiocese of Toledo site to see pictures of the inside.

But you have to promise to come right back.



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