Next day we trained it back to Madrid's Atocha station for a connection to Segovia.

The view out the (t)rain window was not encouraging. Cold and wet.

Nadia was freezing and unhappy, standing in the rain so I could take this picture.

We stayed at the Plaza!

Nadia's mood is never dampened for more than about 20 seconds, though, she has a turbo-speed self-righting mechanism

We immediately went to see the 1st century Roman aqueduct.

A portion of the 728-meter-long aqueduct bridge that runs through the center of town. It was built with massive granite blocks and no mortar.

You can actually touch the stones of a structure built 2 millenia ago. This was high times for a couple of history buffs.

Nadia's a big supporter of historic preservation.

Segovia is a pretty town, an ancient Celtic settlement that was occupied by the Romans in 80 BC.

It's full of statues...

... and fountains.

We hiked along the Eresma River,...

... leaving the city's walls behind us...

... to this, the Monasterio del Parral, to hear the monks chant the Gregorian Mass.

The nice monk there told us to come back in a month, they only sang it during the summer.



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