Cabo de Gata

At last, we were at the beach!


We set out to see the coast...

... and the lighthouse.

We walked the road out of town towards the village of La Almadrada de Monteleva -- a big name for a little place.

We passed Las Salinas, a system of lagoons where they were making sea-salt.

Las Salinas is a stopover for migrating birds that come to feed on the briny creatures that live in the lagoons.

This sign guided us down to an observatory overlooking the lagoons.

We popped into the blind to get a closer look.

We're all for a human industry that attracts and supports wildlife.

We put a Euro in the telescope to get a closer look at the flamingoes that were wading in the shallow water, about a hundred yards away...

... and were rewarded with this amazing view of the wildlife.

The view with the naked eye was not bad, though. We could actually make out the flamingoes, even if they only look like white specks in this photo.



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