More Ronda

Next morning we woke up in a lazy mood.

We hung out in the park, drinking coffee.

We took a stroll through town, admiring the views.

We never got tired of the look of the classic Andalusian hill town, with the white-washed walls and red tiled roofs.

The custom was to hang the window coverings outside the window.

We visited the park that lies on the edge of the gorge.

We revisted the Puente Viejo.

We basically just screwed around for a bit.

We were on vacation!

Soon we were out hiking through the countryside again, along Culebra River ("Snake River" -- we kept our eyes open but didn't see any.)

Nadia appears to be putting a "Do Not Kick" hex on this donkey.

It was nice walking around Ronda. The houses and shops were clustered together in community, leaving the surrounding countryside pastoral.

In America, somebody would have built a "master planned community" and strip mall here. They'd have named it "Ronda Crossing" and built a freeway out to it.

You know, so people who like nature could live near the city, but not right in it. And they'd have a wall around it to keep out walkers.

We passed a small goat-farming operation.

They sure eat a lot of ham in Spain, but in all our travels, hiking out in the country, taking trains and buses out into the hinterlands, we never saw one hog. Strange.

It was Nadia's day to commune with livestock.



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