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Nadia had been away from Pittsburgh too long. She'd missed the snow.

I was too cold to roll around in it, but Nadia wasn't. She's an animal.

She said she used to play on this hill when she was in college. She got both her medical degree and her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh.

Schenley Park was absolutely beautiful with its quiet, freezing air and low northern light.

We hiked back through town, past the Carnegie Library and Museum and the Heinz Chapel to say bye to Shaheen. We were off to visit Nadia's dad, Munawwar.

We went to Munawwar and Zoe's house. They have a couple of guitars, one of which is a very nice Fender.

After some music, we headed out in the car. This is a pretty typical view out the window of a car in Pittsburgh in the winter.

We went for a brief walk on the winter streets, down by the Monongahela River. By this time, nobody was up for much walking in the cold wind.

We popped into the Sheraton (central heating!) to admire the river from their big picture windows.

We wound up at the rahther chichi Le Mont, a restaurant on top of Mt. Washington. This is the view of downtown Pittsburgh from the windows there.

We enjoyed ourselves at dinner...

...Munawwar picked us out a nice bottle of Beaujolais,

the food was tasty,

and the company was excellent.

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