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The Rincon Mountains in the Monsoon Season

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We Arizona boys have our own way of enjoying water out in the desert.

Nadia immediately abandoned her lady-like ways and got in with me.

There is nothing quite like a cool, spring-fed creek in the middle of hot, southern Arizona desert hike.

We headed back down to Garwood Dam.

Nadia, the dam, and the endless sky.

The view looking down the wash from Garwood Dam.

Looking up, we saw Tanque Verde Peak looming over us.

It was starting to look like rain, so we decided to head home.

We continued down the wash.

Gradually the slot canyons disappeared as we descended and the water sank back beneath the ground.

The flowing water turned into a few pools and quicksand.

We left the water behind and crossed the dry desert.

Imitation; the most sincere form of flattery.

And that was our Saturday morning.

Thanks for joining us!

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