We walked out of the subway station into the Tokyo night and used the tiny map in Lonely Planet to navigate the streets to our hotel...

...stopping at a vending machine to stock up on coffee for the morning.

These are on every street in Tokyo, full of hot and cold coffee drinks.

No wonder Japan is such a success story.

We checked into the über-lux New Otani Hotel and were rewarded with this view of Tokyo from the windows of our corner room.

Jet-lagged or no, we couldn't wait to see more of the town.

Just your basic, quiet, Tokyo neighborhood street, around the corner from our hotel.

The unintelligible (to us) street signs moved Nadia to go into "interpretive dance" mode.

Morning came to our hotel window through the mist, a common occurrence in Japan.

After a cool bottle of cafe au lait and a can of "Fire" coffee (which would become a Japan tradition for me and, no doubt, for many others) I was set to explore the rainy city.

Below our window was the locally famous New Otani garden.



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