Hong Kong



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Our first day in town, we just took off to walk around and see things.

We'd heard that Hong Kong Park wasn't much of a place to see, but we fell in love with it, like we did with the whole city.

It's a lovely greenspace in the middle of one of the most densely packed cities on earth.

The Conservatory, in the middle of the park, is a converted colonial building.

It was full of amazing plants, like these orchids,

and this little fella.

The view from the park Tower, above the little plaza devoted to the doctors that saved the city from the bird flu a few years back.

After walking all day, we got lost in the always-fascinating Asian street market scene

Nadia was up early next morning, trudging this street to bring me back coffee from Starbucks.

Why is that woman so good to me?

We hiked through Admiralty and circled around the Park again.



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