A science museum

Nadia and I both score high on the "spontaneous" scale, especially when we're on vacation.

We walked by this little science museum, housed in the old Athens College of Architecture building, and went off track immediately.

It was our kind of museum, small, forgotten, and deserted.

And it had 19th century medical textbooks!

Deserted, that is, except for this pile of sleeping cats.

And one nervous curator, who followed us around the rooms, turning the lights on and off for us.

She was probably just lonely.

And energy-conscious.

I'm sure she wasn't worried about us nicking the dental display.

Asclepius and Nadia, the God and Goddess of Medicine.

There was a great view of the city from the front porch...

... and a nice view up the hill to the Acropolis, our erstwhile goal.

"It looks a little crowded, said Nadia, hesitating as she looked at the steps leading up to the Propylaia.

"Yeah, but we came all this way..." I said.

In the end, she agreed to cruise in and give it a glance.



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