Christmas Eve 2003, continued

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We left Neil's and went to church for the midnight service. We've got lots of wonderful friends there. This is a picture of me and Chris.

Jan is one of my favorite people, she did a lot to make me feel at home when I first became associated with this church.

Celeste is an actress and a singer, she had one of the lead roles in "Grand Night."

She's also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

The beautiful and talented Jordan is one of my favorites.

These girls light up the room when they come in.

An arm's length group photo, one of my trademark shots.

David is the pastor and an awesome spiritual leader.

Judy's another pal from the church.

Judy makes a shortbread that drives Nadia to dance. She brought us a small tin of it.

Young David is a very good singer and a church leader.

Dave was one of the funniest actors in our troupe and is another favorite.

Paul has a young face and an old soul.

Well, there you have it. Our Christmas eve. Nadia and I hope that all who visit this page, wherever you are and whatever you believe, will be filled with the spirit of the Light of the World, the spirit of hope, of peace, and of goodwill to all people.


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