Christmas Eve 2003

The kids got a little out of control for the big holiday, although the day started out in an ordinary enough fashion.

Ja-Roop and Jake were chillin' on the couch together. They pretend to hate each other sometimes, but it's only a game. This is what they do when no one's around.

Mojo was sleeping on the carpet when his eyes flew open. He'd heard something...

He raced outside and started barking at the fence, so I went out to take a look.

It was a coyote circling by the house, checking out the site of our future wedding reception. The coyote packs sing to us at night from quite close to the house; sometimes we think we can hear our old dog Gypsy singing with them.

Towards evening we got ready to open a couple of presents.

Seems as though we stay like kids forever, when it comes to opening presents.

It was a new butt-pack, complete with water bottle! Nice!

She also got a book of photos.

I got the movie and the CD! Nice!

Nice. Right. Presents are great, but for Nadia and me, there are more important ways to celebrate Christmas. Like, for instance, visiting good friends to remind ourselves how much we all mean to each other. Our pal Neil had an idea for a Christmas celebration...

Like us, Neil feels the season is all about celebrating with the people you love. He offered to crack a bottle of Two Buck Chuck.

Neil has a generosity of spirit that, fortunately, is matched by his wine cellar.

Neil topped off our glasses for a toast to friendship and to world peace.

Nadia's always ready to get behind an idea like world peace.

Nadia seems to think that Christmas is a time to laugh and be happy. I'm not sure where she gets these radical ideas.

Certainly not from some of the people driving the streets of Tucson. They're a pretty serious bunch, these days. I guess Nadia's a different sort.

We offered a toast and a prayer that the spirit of God would come to us, illuminate, enliven, and animate us.

Here's to peace, to friendship, and to the coming of the true spirit of Christ into all of our hearts.



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